The Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC), a collective group of Claims Management Companies, working together to ensure fair customer outcomes, which was formed to promote best practice and excellent customer service across the claims management sector, has become the latest member of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Claims Management Regulator’s Consultative Group.

I've heard in the past week worrying tales from across the UK that concern my member companies.

It seems that fraudsters are calling consumers across the UK and falsely claim to be representing ACC member companies and are 'seeking to engage consumers' in a PPI redress claim. They are then telling consumers they need to secure the claim by paying an upfront fee of £99 - payable immediately on a credit card. In some instances I believe an amount of £999 was drawn from the unsuspecting consumer's card.

As reported in today’s Times, ACC member company We Fight Any Claim has forced the Financial Ombudsman Service to re-consider the case of a customer in relation to his PPI claim on a credit card.

This action may have wider implications for all credit card rejected claims, and may lead to further provisions being needing to be set-aside.

Mike Begg, founder of Dundee based ACC member company, Beat the Banks, has forced RBS to admit a mistake in its policy of compensating divorced women correctly in regards to their legal share of pay-outs for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

As reported in The Daily Mail, Mr Begg’s campaign victory will see thousands of divorced women receive compensation, and has led to a change on policy by RBS.

As reported via Money Marketing, the Financial Conduct Authority is seeking views on its operations.

The report states:

The FCA is to consult on producing mission statement in a bid to boost the public’s understanding of what does and its role within society.